Cannabis has a great health benefits to humans, and it also contains CBD which is a chemical that impacts the brain, making it function better without giving it a high along, with THC which has pain relieving properties.

Users can get the following health benefits after consuming cannabis

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Help lose weight

If you look around, you will notice that a complete cannabis user is usually not overweight.

That is because cannabis aid your body in regulating insulin while managing caloric intake efficiently.

Health benefit of cannabis against cancer

So far the biggest medical benefits of cannabis is its link to fighting cancer.

There is a good amount of evidence that shows marijuana and its derivative can help fight cancer or at least certain types of it.

Cannabis helps to Relief chronic pain

There are hundreds of chemical compounds in cannabis, many of which are cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids provide relief of chronic pain due to their chemical composition.

Which is why cannabis by-product such as medical cannabis is commonly use for chronic pain relief.

Cannabis is now commonly found as creams and balms which are used by individuals that have arthritis.

Both THC and CBD really plays a great role to the people affected deal with the pain.

due to the health benefit of cannabis, consumption helps so much in multiple sclerosis( multiple sclerosis and cannabis).

Multiple sclerosis cause great pain and cannabis is known to provide relief for it.

Multiple sclerosis leads to painful muscle contractions and cannabis can help reduce that pain.

Health benefits of cannabis against depression

Most people are depress without them even knowing they have it.

The endocannabinoid compounds in cannabis can help in stabilising moods which can help ease depression substantially.

Cannabis cause anxiety, there is a way around that.

Taken in cannabis with prescription, can help alleviate anxiety and calm users down.

Improves lung capacity

Cannabis has a health benefits in improving the capacity of the lungs, unlike smoking cigarettes, hookah when smoking cannabis in the form of weed your lungs aren’t affected.

In fact, a study found that marijuana actually helps increase the capacity of the lungs rather than cause any harm to it.

Helps with ADHD/ADD

Individuals with ADHD and ADD have trouble focusing on specific tasks. They tend to have less performance and concentration.

 Cannabis has a great health benefits in promoting focus and helping individuals with ADHD/ADD. It is also being observe as a safer alternative to Adderall and Ritalin.

Slow development of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of many that is caused by cognitive degeneration. As we age, cognitive degeneration is almost unavoidable.

Cannabis’s endocannabinoid contains anti-inflammatories that fight the brain inflammation that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

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Helps with alcoholism

Although alcohol consumption is not a bad idea, but cannabis consumption is by far better than consuming alcohol.

While it may not be 100% risk-free, it can be a smarter way to reduce alcoholism by substituting it with cannabis.

Reduces side effects linked to hepatitis C and increase the effectiveness of treatment

The treatment for hepatitis C has numerous side effects that include nausea, fatigue, depression, and muscle aches.

These can last for months for some hepatitis C patients.

Cannabis can help reduce the side effects caused by the treatment while making it more effective at the same time.

therefore cannabis consumption has a great health benefits to hepatitis C patients.

Treatment for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, the health of which is vital for good vision.

Glaucoma leads to additional pressure on the eyeball which is painful for individuals with the disorder.

Cannabis help reduce the pressure applied on the eyeball providing some temporary relief to individuals with glaucoma.

cannabis really helps sufferers of glaucoma reduce them extreme pain.

Mend bones

Cannabidiol has a great link to helping heal broken bones, quickening the process.

According to Bone Research Laboratory in Tel Aviv, it also helps strengthen the bone in the process of healing. This makes it tougher for the bone to break in the future.

Regulate and prevent diabetes

Cannabis has a great impact on insulin, and so it makes sense that cannabis can help deduce or prevent diabetes.

Research conducted by the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) has linked cannabis to stabilise blood sugars, lower blood pressure, and improve blood circulation.

Cannabis helps control the fight or flight response, preventing it from going into overdrive.

Shows promise in autism treatment

Cannabis plays a great role to calm users down and control their mood. It can help children with autism that experience frequent violent mood swings control it.

Helps with PTSD symptoms

PTSD doesn’t just affect veterans but any individual that goes through a trauma.

As cannabis is legalise the impact it has on helping treat individuals with PTSD is being studied.

Treats inflammatory bowel diseases

Individuals with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can find some relief with the use of cannabis.

THC and cannabidiol help enhance immune response while also interact with cells that play a vital role in the functioning of the gut.

Cannabis helps block off bacteria and other compounds that cause inflammation in the intestines.about:blank


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