Mac 1 Strain


Mac 1 Strain

Mac 1 strain  , also known as “The MAC,” is a hybrid marijuana strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15.

This is a popular strain that consumers turn to for upbeat and balancing effects.

MAC 1, also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies X1.” Is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created as a backcross of the iconic MAC strain.

This celebrity child takes the beloved effects of MAC and amps it up a notch to a whole new level, with a super lifted feeling that will have you flying higher and higher the more that you toke.

MAC 1 strain comes in a bit stronger than her predecessor with a high of 23% THC that reportedly packs a huge punch.

Rumor has it that some dispensaries even stock their shelves with varieties that reach into the 30% range.

The MAC 1 strain is quickly becoming a favorite option for top shelf cannabis around the country, and for good reason.

User reviews note that the strain makes them feel euphoric, happy, and uplifted.

Negative aspects are rarely mentioned, and when they are, users focus on dry mouth and dry eyes,

which are common side effects for nearly every cannabis strain.

M.A.C. 1 is an ideal choice for users who are looking for peace of mind and relief from the day-to-day grind.

The bud itself is rich, fluffy, and dark olive in color with rich purple undertones and thin orange hairs.


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