AK-47 strain, also known as “AK,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties.

Don’t let its name fool you, AK-47 will leave you relaxed and mellow.

The AK-47 weed strain is a sativa dominant strain that has a sativa indica ratio of  65:35 .

you can look forward to a long lasting cerebral buzz upon your first few intake, that will keep you mentally alert and engaged in creative or social activities.

This strain has a high THC level of 15-22%,and also a good amount of CBD as well, so it’s great for treating physical pains.

This strain has won many awards for its high THC content including the Cannabis Cup.

Unlike its name though, the AK-47 tastes sweet, delicate, and flowery, the complete opposite of a Russian assault rifle.

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