Moon rocks are nugs of cannabis flower dipped in extracts and rolled in kief.

They are normally very high in THC, averaging more than 50%, and valued foremost for their potency.

Moon rocks are also frequently referred to as “cannabis caviar,”

although this title is technically reserved for buds dipped in extracts but without the added layer of kief. 

The origins of Moon Rocks are nothing but rumors abound that the dispensary Starbudz760 first concocted them,

with legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt popularizing the product and trademarking his own version called Kurupt Moonrock.

Moon Rocks are a THC megazord, they’re essentially cannabis buds .

(historically GSC, but any strain suffices) dipped in or sprayed with hash oil, then rolled in kief.


Many people wonder and want to know how they can make their own moon rock strain at home.

yes it is very possible to make moon rocks at home, and here are some requirements needed to get that done.

  • Your choice of cannabis strain to use
  • A thick concentrate, preferably hash oil
  • Enough kief to coat your bud(s)
  • A bowl for mixing
  • Tongs

after you have the following requirements above, use the following steps so you can get yourself a perfect high quality moon rock flavor.

Step 1: Choose Your Bud

Take some of your favourite cannabis flowers and place them in the bowl. It’s a good idea to plan what kind of moon rocks you’d like to make.

For example, say you will want to produce purple moon rocks,

you can get weed flavors like purple haze or grand daddy purple .

Step 2: Collect Your Concentrate

The concentrate you choose should be very nice and thick because the thicker it is the better it is to coat the bud of your choice.

If your concentrate is too thick, simply heat it up until it’s less thick so you can be able to get better results.

Step 3: Coat the Bud

The coating must be evenly distributed to the buds, and the coatinhg must not be too thick, as it will take a longer time to dry,

it could be difficult to light it up as the concentrate is normally wet,

therefore with the help of your tongs, you have to make sure the coating is evenly distributed nicely across the entire bud.

Step 4: Dry the moon rocks and kief coat it

depending on the concentrate coating, the moon rocks,

can take a couple of hours to get dry while some can take up to 4-7 days for them to be dry.

Note, the moon rock must be well dry so that it can easily be light, and also so that you can enjoy your product well.


Moon Rocks are recommended for advanced cannabis smokers as they are very powerful when take into the system and definitely not for beginners.

Here’s some advice on how to prepare for your Moon Rocks experience.

To break up your Moon Rocks, use your hands or cut them with scissors.Do not place these rocks into your grinder.

A grinder will dismantle your kief coated buds, and the concentrate or hash oil may make your grinder too sticky for future use.

you can enjoy your moon rock either by putting it into small, blunts, using glass ware and many more other ways.

1. Use glassware

Whether it’s a bong or pipe, use some glassware for Moon Rocks because it’s not your regular flower.

It’s thick and greasy and will have to be ripped apart piece by piece like earlier said above,

it should be break into smaller pieces with the hands or cut with a scissors.

If you plan to roll it up by itself, think again;

not only will you not have enough Moon Rocks to do so (unless you buy, like, 18 grams of it),due to it greasy nature you won’t be able to keep it lit how a normal blunt/joint would stay lit.

Buy a weed pipe

2. Throw it on top of some flower

The greasy texture of Moon Rocks makes them a little hard to light or keep a cherry,

but if you throw them on top of some flower, you’ll be good to go.

You’ll also be very very high, but honestly, at this point, you can’t even be concerned about what level of  highness you’ll end up at. (The answer is the top.)

If you break up some Moon Rocks and sprinkle them on top of ground bud, you can roll up a blunt/joint easily and make it work for you.

Finish all of your daily tasks before smoking moon rocks flavor

We all like to get high and go do things, but Moon Rocks aren’t a Blue Dream-type feel where you’re going to be high and ready for action, .

If you have a task to do or a project to work on, it is advisable to finish them all first before getting in smoking moon rocks,

or else you will pass out after smoking them and you will wake up wondering what happened and regretting why you didn’t finish it all before smoking.

Don’t make my mistake,

I smoked Moon Rocks thinking I was about to punch out 1,500 words of literary fire,

only to find out that my fingers don’t even work once that level of high gets ahold of me.

Safety tips when smoking Moon Rocks

Eat before smoking

The key word here is BEFORE If the Moon Rock is too strong,

having something in your stomach will help prevent you from getting nauseous. It’ll also help keep the munchies down.

stay hydrated before smoking

you will be so fucked up smoking them dehydrated,

so it will be advisable to get a bottle of water and put it next to you before you start smoking,

This is because after smoking when the high hits you, you wont be able to move a muscle to go get you a cup of water.

Choose the right environment

If you’re going to smoke some Moon Rocks,

do so in a very comfortable conducive environment and you should be very familiar to the environment and the people near or around it.

This is because e you are going to be stuck in your feelings and all you want to do chill, relax and enjoy yourself,

you might also pass away that’s why is very necessary to be familiar with people around you,

it is not really advisable to smoke them with strangers, because the high might hit you very hard

Start low, go slow

As with edibles, start out with a little bit and gradually increase, take a small hit and space out your hits.

Trust me, you’ll get high quick enough.

How much can I expect to pay for moon rocks?

 They are usually more costly than any regular flower,

and still the price of different moon rock strains depends on;

the quality of flower being used, the kind of concentrate use and kief.

but with everything equal expect moon rocks to always be higher in price than any regular weed .

This is because it entails more in the production of them.

here at we have high quality moon rock strains,

the best made from high grade weed, our moon rocks have THC above 70% and are very much not advisable to be consume by beginners,

as its high is very powerful,

it is also not advisable to smoke our moon rocks near beginners

they can get very high only by perceiving the smoke.

moon rock

Buy moon rock near you today with us

Despite the fact that moon rocks give a great high to its consumers,

below there are some advantages and disadvantages of smoking moon rock weed.



  • They’re a fun novelty and good conversation-starter.
  • Cost effective—just like dabs, a little bit goes a long way.
  • They will get you super duper high.
  • Cost effective—just like dabs, a little bit goes a long way.
  • Great for medical patients or other folks who want a high dose of THC.


  • They will get you super duper high (not always a good thing for everyone).
  • They’re messy—most put them in glass; you can roll them in a joint or blunt, but don’t put them in a grinder.
  • Keep them in a cool, dry place; you don’t want them getting all melty on you.

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