Watermelon Zkittlez


Watermelon Zkittlez

Watermelon Zkittlez is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Zkittles X Watermelon strains.

This strain is also known as “Watermelon Skittles,” and just as its name it taste and smell like watermelon.

watermelon zkittlez wears its flavor on its sleeve you know right away what you’re getting when you look at its parents and get a pungent whiff of its sour fruity goodness.

The punchy, cerebral effects can help you handle a bad evening by making it heavy with unfocused bliss.

As a mood-enhancing weed, this strain is cerebral-wonderful and its a good strain to end a bad day.

It offers a wonderful fruity aroma and flavor profile that is mouthwateringly scrumptious.

From reviews it shows that when smoked or vaped, the flavor of Watermelon Zkittlez can turn slightly sour and pungent.

A well cured and cultivated batch of Watermelon Zkittlez will produce olive green and purple hued buds that are covered in

tiny purple tinted, frosty trichomes.


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