Gorilla Glue 5 strain



  • This strain just like it name, makes you feel so relax, and even make you stock on your sit due to its high THC.
  • The strain makes you very happy and satisfied (Euphoric)
  • Consuming the gorilla glue you should be advance in weed smoking as it can knock you out, makes you feel so sleepy.
  • Most of the smokers of this strain always complain of having a dry mouth like feeling real thirsty.
  • The GG5 makes you feel very dizzy .

The Gorilla glue 5 strain has also some health benefits;

  • It helps with Insomnia, as it makes you very sleeoy as soon as you consume.
  • It helps to calm down or reduce pain due to it very high THC, so most users with chronic pain always love this weed strain.
  • Gorilla glue 5 weed helps to calm down stress and anxiety as it makes you feel relax and very happy.
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